I know, I know, most of you’ve probably been good and already have your Christmas trees up and decorated. You probably spend your evenings sitting round it, contently admiring it, sipping warm tee with the smell of fresh baked cookies coming out of the kitchen.

Well my home doesn’t look like Christmas is around the corner at all. But today I suddenly had the feeling that a quick decorating intervention is in order, to get me into the feeling if for no other reason…
That’s why I took a peek at Nataša’s blog, where she thoroughly tackled ideas for making a different kind of Christmas tree. The collected ideas are cute, simple and environmentally conscious.

Given the time I have left to save this years Christmas I’m attaching a few cute ones.

1 Bettinaholst.blogspot.com, 2 Modern Parents Messy Kids,  3 Le Vestiaire de Jeanne via decopeques.com

1, 2, 3 via arhitekturaplus.com, 4 nails and string, photo by: chris warnes via design milk, 5, 6, 7 via buzzfeed, 8 a merry mishap blog, 9 laloleblog, 10 wrapping paper, A little tipsy, 11 paper plates, sweet paul, via vonblum

1 Felt Ball Garland, Down to the woods, 2 removable wallpaper tree kandi

1 post-it’s via brightbazaarblog, 2 Boxes with figures via behindthebiggreendoor, 3 book and magazine tree via hoipippo

1 photo by: John Deer via design milk, 2 photo via Cool Mum Hunting, 3 photo via loinadecuado

Are you tired of shopping and shopping centers? Are you tired of commercials that tell us that we exist only if we buy? And that we’re better if we buy more. What they forget to tell us is that the only reason we can buy is, because others can’t.

On the international Buy nothing day it is your duty to “put down” your shopping. The Buy nothing day is a day of protest against modern consumerism. We celebrate it every first Saturday after Thanksgiving Day in the US.

We can all participate in a day of “shopping detox”. Take a day and participate, by not participating … shut your wallets. It’s free.

We'll be back soon. We promise :)


I've spent a month in Sweden this summer and I still can't escape the influence. The country is inspirational in every aspect and the people... Well the people are extra nice and can also be really weird. But in a good way.

Recently I came across a Swede that falls in a weird category but his sound gets stuck in your head, and it forces you to groove a little. Even if it's just in a bathroom while getting ready for another workday.


Dim Out -  Förort


Now that you have your preamp successfully connected to your editing software it’s probably time to get serious and record a voice or an acoustic instrument.
‘A microphone! It’s a microphone!’ some roady shouted once. He was wrong because it was the xylophone that was causing the buzz but would be right today.

Colonia Aemona lulia tribu Claudia was established in 14 AD in the southwest of the present Ljubljana. It was home to about five, six thousand inhabitants who felt safe behind thick city walls. Emona the ancient name for this roman town, had paved streets, stone built houses with sewage and heating systems in place. Town was supplied with water trough many aqueducts.

Majority of former residents were merchants and craftsmen, alongside with some government officials and war veterans. A statue of Emonian exhibited at the Congress Square gives you a good idea how they looked a like. For all the other questions regarding Emonian everyday life here is a pictorial of an anniversary week you just missed.
Roman camp at Congress Square and the park Zvezda offered performances, military maneuvers, market with pristine Roman craftsmen introducing their handicrafts. And above all, you could enjoy the picturesque mixture of Roman warderobes displayed on the artists.

Not even the nagging weather could spoil the fest of 2000 years round anniversary. The whole event made us more aware of our history and made us love our beloved Ljubljana even more. 

Here's a little snippet of what you can expect on Outlook Festival this year. I know you're all packed and ready, but for those of you who aren't sure yet, just press play...

Summer isn't over yet!

Well, here we go: we've got two uROPE winners. This time, Lena only monitored the process of the drawing so something wouldn't go wrong.

There were as many yarn balls as the competitors, and each competitor got the number by the received e-mail order. Who is the winner?

Number 16 belongs to Matea Han Radan and 32 to Nina Krajčinović.

Congratulations to the winners! We thank everyone for the cooperation and promise some more giveaways in the near future.


Let's start the week with a classic. I know you all know her and the video is excellent. And there's another reason. She'll be performing on an Outlook Festival opening concert in a beautiful amphiteatre in Pula, Croatia, next week. And I can't wait. It's a proper venue for a proper lady.

Everything Is Everything - Lauryn Hill
album: Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, 1998


This bowl, apart from that it looks really cool, shows what I think about all the wars that are going on in the world right now. But it would be even better if instead of soldiers there were little plastic politicians melted in a bowl.

War Bowls are made by melting historically accurate plastic soldiers from past battles. The red Battle of Waterloo bowl is made with melted British Artillery and French Infantry figures. The black English Civil War bowl uses Royalists and Parliamentarians figures.

They're hand made by Dominic Wilcox, a modern day art inventor who is known for creating art by using everyday objects such as brushes, skimming stones, or even cod liver oil tablets.


We went on a hunt for a tree. Not just any tree. A tree in a Botanical garden of University of Maribor that was planted by my aunt the day my nephew was born. How cute is that? 

We had a little x on a map and a photo of the tree. And we went. After surprisingly many wows and ahhs, since there are just plants, we found it. And it’s a cute little tree, with a funny name Koelreuteria paniculata.

It really was a cute little trip in search of a cute little tree… And I didn’t miss my computer. Not even for a minute :)

Because it's supposed to be summer right now... Oh, summer... And because they'll be performing on Outlook Festival this year. And because one needs a dose of electronic sugar every now and then... And because... 

Giving It All - Bondax, 2013


Good morning my lovelies. How are things? Everything is going great here. I’m still browsing through Dimensions and Outlook Festival line-ups, discovering new artists and really enjoying it. There’s so much to discover. I almost feel like a little You Tube treasure hunter. 

So, I found this guy. Baths, I know him for quite some time now, his album Cerulean is even on my casual “sunny weekend driving around with no plans” playlist, and I’m excited to see him live this year on Dimensions Festival

Lovely Bloodflow - Baths
album Cerulean, 2010


"Oh, what a summer" and "omg what a weather" are the phrases commonly used by everyone around Slovenia during this summer. All this rain affects everyone, but we think it's about time to be more optimistic. And just maybe we’ll be able to convince the weather to behave more summerish.

Therefore, we present uROPE, unique footware made of rope, locally called "špagarce". Ring any bells? As kids, we all wore legendary “espadrile” that had one major issue, they didn’t get along with the rain. And that was the first issue we thought we had with uROPE sandals. But it turns out that our worries were in vain, since uROPE sandals are made ​​of 100% polypropylene rope and therefore practically indestructible.

Designed for all the adventures you can come up with during the summer months. Even if you happen to get wet or dirty they are very easy to maintain, pop them into the washing machine and that’s it.

Rope sandals were the first shoes in the Stone Age, and are since then roaming around the world. Among the various models I can't decide which is my favorite, but it’s a fact that all of them bring up a smile and affection in the people you meet on your way.

Summer is not over by far. Some even say it hasn’t started yet, according to temperatures. Personally, I always count on the warm extension of it, the Indian summer some call it, extending well into the autumn. Therefore we have plenty of time for all those carefree summer moments, with uROPE sandals on your feet all the time.

Marsela, their Slovenian mother, surprised us and she's willing to donate a pair of uROPE sandals to two of our readers.

Here is how you can get a hold of  your own pair:

All you have to do is to check the uROPE website, like their FB page to show your support and finally send at least three names of uROPE sandal models to info@flipflipmeheidi.com.  

Send your answers until 22nd of August. The winners will be announced on 25th of August.

Among all the correct anwsers we will choose two lucky winners who will receive a pair of uROPE sandals of their own choice.

Summer starts with your new uROPE sandals ;)


Sexy, dreamy and strange enough to keep me interested. It's like their songs don't need an ending, they could go on forever, and it would be fine with me. I really can't wait to see them on Dimensiona Festival this month. So, press play and dream the day away.

Warpaint - Love Is To Die
album: Warpaint, 2014